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Conversations Count

Conversations Count

In staffing and recruiting, your network adds to your net worth…and rock solid relationship management can make or break a placement. That's why the latest version of Sendouts focuses on integrating closely with Microsoft Outlook & Internet Explorer to track every conversation.

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The tools to manage candidate and client relationships

Automatically track emails

Keep a record of every email sent and received in Microsoft Outlook for a complete history of correspondence between recruiters and the candidates and clients they serve. Sendouts is the ONLY recruiting software that automatically tracks sent emails, keeping you ahead of the game.

Import social media messages

Email isn’t the only way you communicate with your contacts, so it shouldn’t be the only place you track conversations. Sendouts recruiting software makes it simple to import messages from sites like LinkedIn and Twitter for a record of interaction – from every angle.

Manage contacts anywhere

Switching between applications is a burden and a waste of time. Recruiters can work faster with Sendouts by opening and editing candidate records on the fly…from their email inbox to their favorite social network.

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